My teaching interests include Chinese language courses, Chinese linguistics, languages and cultures in China and Asia, second language pedagogy, and language and social interaction.

Below is a list of courses I have taught as an instructor of record or a teaching fellow.

Mandarin Chinese

Since 2012, I have taught Mandarin Chinese from beginner to advanced levels to students with various backgrounds. I have worked in different types of institutions, including the University of California, Los Angeles, Bucknell University (liberal arts), the Princeton in Beijing summer immersion program, Beijing Normal University, and Beijing International School (K-12).

My goal is to help my students become global leaders and professionals who can use Mandarin accurately and fluently with strong sociopragmatic competencies and intercultural communication skills.

Introduction to Chinese linguistics

In this introductory course in Chinese linguistics, students learn the sound system, writing system, and its reform, regional differences, and major structural features of Chinese. Students also explore Chinese languages in society and cultural practices.

I designed innovative assignments to help students apply classroom knowledge to real-world challenges, such as observing and reporting the linguistic landscape of Chinatown and conducting Chinese as a second language micro-teaching.

Topics in Chinese Language and Culture

In this course, students explore the interdependent relationship between the Chinese language and culture.  Students learn to use basic concepts in socio-cultural linguistics, Discourse Analysis, as well as hands-on technology to analyze the Chinese language and the cultural conventions expressed through verbal and non-verbal linguistic devices. Major coverage is on language use as reflected in everyday interaction as well as in various types of media: film, television, internet, advertisement, and so forth.

I worked as the teaching assistant of this course under the supervision of Prof. Hongyin Tao.

Asian Language Pedagogy

This course investigates major issues in the teaching and learning of Asian languages. Students learn pedagogical grammar, curricular development, social, cultural, and cognitive foundations of Asian language acquisition, best practices in teaching Asian language writing systems, special issues in teaching heritage students, comparisons of K-12 language teaching and college language teaching, and assessment methods. Students acquire practical teaching skills through classroom observation, lesson planning, and microteaching. 

I worked as the teaching assistant of this course under the supervision of Prof. Sung-Ock Sohn. I have trained about 100 undergraduate students over the two years, and some students continued their pursuits in Asian language education by attending MA programs or teaching credential programs.